Method of Analysis Product


Manufacture of Calcium Sennosides

A. Bfief information on process : Senna leaves are tested before and after grinding for Sennosides contents and are extracted with methanol. The above methanolic extracts are collected and Calcium sennosides are separated by addition of Calcium Salt solution. The precipitated Calcium sennosides are centrifuged and washed with methanol & dried under vacuum. The dried Calcium sennosides are ground, tested and packed.

B. Process Control Test : The following control parameters are monitored during manufacture :
  • PH of Aqueous suspension
  • Heavy metals
  • Residue on igination
  • L.O.D
  • Assay (main important ingredients)
Once the above process is checked then the product undergoes HPLC testing for quality evaluation purpose. Based on market standard we maintain the product quality, also as per the customer specification we can provide the products.
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